IT Equipment Maintenance and Repair Services

SealTech Computer Solutions provides top notch maintenance and repair services for your office equipment such as:

  • Desktop upgrades, repairs and cleaning
  • Office printer repairs
  • Laptop chargers, screens and storage drives

Why does office equipment need maintenance?

There are a few key reasons why desktops and laptops need regular maintenance:

  • Smooth running of your business

No one likes seeing a long queue in your office because the desktop isn’t responding. Likewise, no one wants to be that colleague in the office that is holding up business processes because their laptop is laggy. All these can be avoided by calling in our experts.

  • Reduced expenses

Rather than buying new desktops every two years, regular equipment checkup can save you money by identifying potential problems early and avoiding the need of a new machine.

  • Prevent loss of data

The biggest culprit here are storage drives. A failing hard disk will usually show some signs that its about to die. To the untrained eye, these signs will go unnoticed leading to crucial office files being lost.

  • Longer useful life

Another reason to regular computer maintenance is to increase the life of your devices. As your business and team grows, not everyone needs the latest laptop. Simple upgrades like a new ssd, replacement fan and new OS can be used on an old laptop which is then used in the lesser demanding areas of the business. This is also good for the environment.